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A head constable from Delhi distributed helmets in Bokaro making people aware of road safety

Bokaro:  A head constable of Delhi police, Sandeep Sahi celebrated his birthday creating awareness on road safety here. He distributed helmets and roadsign charts among commuters at RamMandir roundabout of the city. DSP traffic, Poonam Minz and other police officers joined him in the drive on Wednesday.

Sahi along with his childhood friends distributed helmets to the commuters found riding without helmets. Sahi was brought up in Bokaro, but is settled in Delhi. He had come to Bokaro after 23 years to celebrate his birthday with his childhood friends.

Sahi conducted the drive in the town with great passion. The commuters love the way he stopped them and make them understand the need for helmets while driving vehicles. He gifted helmets to many of them and in return asked them to promise not to drive without a helmet in their lifetime. The thing which was more interesting is the placard shown by him to the commuters.

The local police also were surprised to see that the commuters easily recognised the sign of Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter, but failed to tell about the traffic sign displayed on the placard. Sahi made them understand traffic sign and also distributed the chart which he had brought with him from Delhi. Sahi said that he will return back to Delhi on Wednesday evening as he has a deployment on Republic Day duty.

Sahi said “ two separate incidents in my life gave me the vision to create awareness on road safety among people. The first incident occurred six years ago with my wife Pinki Kumari, when riding pillion on a two-wheeler, she fell on road and sustained head and leg injuries. However, she recovered and is fine now. And five years ago I was hit by a truck and fell with my two-wheeler on the road. My head hit the divider, but I survived due to the helmet”.

Both incidents touched him so much that he decided to share the importance of helmets with those who ride their vehicles without wearing it. “For past five years, I was celebrating all my birthdays, marriage anniversary and festivals like Diwali and Rakshabandhan organising road safety campaign on the busy roads . I distribute helmets for free to the commuters found driving without helmet. I save a small amount of money from my salary every month with which I purchase helmets and distribute it on my special days”.

His wife Pinki Kumari had also come along with him to Bokaro. Sahi said that after completing his metric from Sector-1 High School. He shifted to Delhi and at present is deployed in Police Control Room. “We friends have a WhatsApp group in which they requested me to come to Bokaro and celebrate birthday with them here. So I came and celebrated distributing helmets on roads. Fortunately, it was road safety week going on here”.

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