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Ayyappa students displayed creativity at Science & Innovation Technology Exhibition

Bokaro: The project ‘Bio-pesticides from tobacco stalks’ presented on the Science and Innovation Technology Exhibition 2022 by students of Shree Ayyappa Public School caught the eye of everyone and won a prize.

The students of Shree Ayyappa Public School, Bokaro secured third position in the project based competition on National Science Day. The Science and Innovation Technology Exhibition 2022 was organized by Guru Gobind Singh Educational Society Technical Campus Bokaro.

The organization awarded the three best science projects from 28 projects throughout the state. More than a hundred schools and colleges from Jharkhand participated in this competition.

The Vice Chancellor of Technical University Ranchi was the chief guest who gave away prizes to the students. He appreciated the thinking and far-sightedness of the students. Cash prizes and certificates were given to the successful students of the school.

Ritika Parmar (Group Leader), Chetan Saw, and Shubham Kumar Sahu who are from class XI of the school worked together on the project ‘Bio Pesticide from Tobacco Stalk’ under the guidance of Subodh Gorai (Guide Teacher) and displayed their abilities.

As a result of the success of the students, Satish Nair, the school’s director, S S Mohapatra, and Principal P Shailaja Jayakumar congratulated them and wished success in the future. The winners said that “Scientific knowledge makes life easier, and progress is achieved through progress in society. Our school’s goal is to identify a child’s abilities and nurture them.

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