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BJP’s First List Unveiled: 11 Candidates named from Jharkhand for Lok Sabha 2024

Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) made a significant move on Saturday by revealing its inaugural list of candidates for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in 2024. Among the 11 names announced nationwide, Jharkhand saw its fair share of contenders stepping into the electoral arena.

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The BJP’s selection for Jharkhand’s parliamentary constituencies includes a diverse array of candidates. Sanjay Seth has been nominated for the Ranchi constituency, while Manish Jaiswal will represent Hazaribagh. Geeta Koda has been chosen for Singhbhum, Nishikant Dubey for Godda, and Sunil Soren for Dumka.

BJP also declared that Tala Marandi will contest from Raj Mahal, Annapurna Devi from Koderma, and Bidyut Baran Mahto from Jamshedpur. Sameer Oraon and Arjun Munda have been named as candidates for Lohardaga and Khunti constituencies, respectively.

**Speculation Arises Over Dhanbad, Chatra and Giridih Candidacies Amidst Political Landscape Shifts**

However, notable absence for the Dhanbad and Giridih parliamentary constituencies sparked discussions regarding potential shifts in candidacy, particularly considering the current political landscape.

Giridih, which currently hosts a Member of Parliament from AJSU-P, a coalition partner under the NDA umbrella, raised speculation about the possibility of a change in candidates. This development indicates a potential reevaluation of the existing roster, with considerations for maintaining alliance dynamics and maximising electoral prospects.

Similarly, uncertainties loomed over the candidacy of MP Dhanbad, P N Singh, amidst concerns regarding his advancing age. As the political terrain evolves, questions arise regarding the party’s strategic decisions in light of demographic and electoral dynamics.


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