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Bokaro General Hospital performs historic knee surgeries, revolutionising local medical care

Bokaro General Hospital (BGH) has set a new standard in the local medical field with a groundbreaking knee surgery using advanced telescopic techniques. This is the first time such a complex procedure has been conducted at BGH, providing new hope for patients in the region.

Successful Treatment of Complex Injuries 

The hospital successfully treated two patients who had suffered intricate knee injuries. One patient experienced a knee injury from a fall that resulted in multiple ligament tears, while the other suffered ligament damage due to a sudden bending of the knee. The hospital’s medical team used state-of-the-art binocular technology to access the injury site through small incisions and reconstruct the affected ligaments.

Challenges and Achievements 

The primary goal of these surgeries was to restore the damaged ligaments and preserve the knee function. The operations were challenging due to the complexity of the injuries, which involved multiple ligaments and tendons in a confined space. However, the surgeries were a success, resulting in significant improvements in the patients’ conditions.

Local Access to Advanced Medical Care 

“Thanks to these successful surgeries, residents of Bokaro no longer need to travel to larger cities like Ranchi or Kolkata for advanced medical care. BGH now offers high-quality services for complex knee operations, a significant advancement for the local community,” said a doctor.

Dedicated Medical Team 

The success of these procedures was made possible by a team of dedicated doctors at BGH, including Dr. Devendra Kumar, Dr. Virendra Kumar, Dr. Vishal Mishra, Dr. Vibhor Sharma, Dr. Surendra, Dr. Prabhat, Dr. Sumit Kumar, Dr. Pritpal, and several junior doctors. The expertise and collaborative efforts of these medical professionals were key to the operations’ success.

Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing 

In addition, the event brought together other orthopedic specialists from the Bokaro district, such as Dr. Ranbir Singh, Dr. A.K. Singh, and Dr. Alok, who shared their insights and latest methods to maximise patient benefits. The Anesthesia Department, led by Dr. A.K. Dam, and team members Mrs. Beena and Mrs. Anita also played crucial roles in the operation’s success.

Organisational Support 

The successful event was organised under the leadership of BGH Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Vibhuti Karunamoy, and Orthopedics Department In-charge, Dr. M.M. Kumar. Their support, along with the guidance of visiting surgeon Dr. Aayan Kumar from the state capital, contributed to the operations’ success and the introduction of innovative techniques.

The procedures were carried out under the Pradhan Mantri Ayushman Yojana, highlighting BGH’s commitment to advancing healthcare services for the community. The event, under the auspices of the Bokaro Orthopedics Society and Jharkhand Orthopedics Association, is a testament to the hospital’s dedication to excellence in medical care and its determination to achieve new milestones in the field of health services.

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