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Bokaro Steel Plant teams triumph at National Conference on 5-S System

Bokaro: At the National Conference on 5-S System of Workplace Management, organised by the Quality Circle Forum of India (QCFI) in Coimbatore on June 15th, teams from Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL) achieved significant success, earning Par Excellence and Excellence Awards. The event saw participation from about 70 organisations with 128 teams nationwide.

BSL’s participation in this prestigious conference was coordinated by the Business Excellence Department. Five teams from BSL competed, with two teams, “Jigyasa” from PEB and “Aahwan” from the Stores Department of Material Management, winning the Par Excellence Award. Three other teams, “Srujan-Jyoti” from the Traffic Department, “Karn” from the RCL Department, and “Stambh” from the CRM-III Department, received the Excellence Award.

The top management of Bokaro Steel Plant congratulated all the winning teams for their outstanding performance. This achievement highlights BSL’s commitment to quality and excellence in workplace management, said Manikant Dhan, BSL, spokesperson.

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The 5S system is a cyclical workplace management methodology that aims to improve efficiency and reduce waste by keeping the workspace clean and organised. The 5S acronym stands for the five steps of the methodology:

Sort: Remove unnecessary items from the workspace
Set in order: Organize the workspace so that items are easy to find and use
Shine: Clean, paint, and perform other activities to keep the workspace free of clutter and debris
Standardize: Set up procedures for performing these tasks regularly to ensure the workspace remains organized
Sustain: Maintain the program on an ongoing basis

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