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Bokaro Steel Plant’s environmentalist sparks students inspiration, advocating for a Zero Waste City

In a bid to cultivate environmental responsibility among the youth, Navin Prakash Srivastava, an environmentalist and the General Manager of the Environment Control Department at Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL), motivated students to actively engage in the mission to transform Bokaro into a Zero Waste City. Speaking on Friday, Prakash emphasised the pivotal role students can play in fostering environmental consciousness.

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Navin Prakash Srivastava urged students to ensure the proper disposal of both wet and dry waste, envisioning a city where every waste becomes a resource through organic composting. He envisioned Bokaro as a beacon of environmental responsibility, emphasising the collective effort required to build a lasting legacy for future generations.

Environmentalist, Navin Prakash Srivastava

Commending the environmental stewardship and holistic education initiatives at DPS Bokaro, Prakash acknowledged the school’s efforts in contributing to the larger cause of environmental sustainability.

To instill a sense of responsibility towards nature, DPS Bokaro organised a plant exhibition and competition titled ‘Phulwari – Nurturing Nature’ on the day. The event showcased over 2000 plant species, encompassing diverse categories such as Seasonal Flowers, Medicinal Plants, Vegetables, Fruits, Decorative Plants, Non-flowering, and Bonsais.

Students from both the Senior and Primary Wings actively participated, displaying their affection for nature. The exhibition not only celebrated the beauty of nature but also underscored the importance of environmental conservation. Principal A S Gangwar highlighted that the event aimed to sensitise students to their environmental responsibilities and promote a sustainable perspective.

The exhibition was judged by a panel of educators from the school, including Neelam Singh, Shalini Thakur, Nidhi Khare, Dr. Rima Gupta, Shweta Singh, and Sunil Kumar, who evaluated the diverse array of plant life presented by the students.

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