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BOXA members turn good samaritans, come forward to help, needy children

Bokaro: Women and children of tribal-populated Jaipal Nagar and Birsa Basa had a different day today. The members of the alumni association of Bokaro Old St Xavier’s School (BOXA) visited this small hamlet, situated closed to Sector-12, and shared special moments with the residents belonging to downtrodden section.

Apart from fun, the members of BOXA also hold a small awareness session on cleanliness and hygiene with girls and women. They distributed sanitary pads and masks among them. The distribution of colourful sweaters brought by these members rejoiced children. These BOXA members belong to the elite class of the city.

BOXA members at Jaipal Nagar village in Bokaro

The children thanked them for providing them cold cover with the temperature dipping these days. Secretary of BOXA, Chandrima Ray, and Sajan Kapoor were virtually leading the group with vice-chairman, Satyapalan, Madhulika, Nishi Sehgal, Praveer, and others were present at the occasion.

Kapoor said, “the moments spend with these people specially children was memorable. It gives a different kind of satisfaction to all of us. BOXA always stands for a noble cause”.  Meanwhile, Ray said, “this Sunday had a purpose and we Samaritans felt blessed spending times with women and children of Birsa Basa”.

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