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BSL save Rs 6 crores by reducing consumption of diesel by 7.5 Lakh litres in a year

Bokaro: The Materials Management (MM) Division of Bokaro Steel Plant has scaled new heights in FY 2020-21, thanks to a spirited performance by its purchase, stores and marketing wings which also fetched all-time high revenue for the plant, besides generating valuable savings.

During FY 2020-21, the MM division embarked upon a major drive towards transparency in its processes. Through better control over distribution and support from Traffic department, reduction of 7.5 Lakh litres of consumption of diesel was achieved, thereby, saving Rs. 6 crores for the company, said Manikant Dhan, chief of communication, BSL. In addition to above efforts, Stores department had put exhibition of non-moving inventories, resulting in reduction of a whopping Rs 16 crores worth of inventory.

The Stores department of MM division undertook a massive cleaning and housekeeping drive, resulting in earnings to the tune of approximately Rs. 11 Crores through sales of various unaccounted items like Rolls, Plates and Sheets. 2020-21 also proved to be landmark year for BSL-Marketing department. It achieved record sales of more than Rs. 1500 Crores against previous best of Rs 996 Crores in 2018-19. This resulted in highest-ever annual cash collection of Rs. 1316 Crores for BSL through sale of scraps, wastes and by-products by Marketing department.

“Notably, all the purchases worth Rs 1865 Crores were done on e-procurement mode. To expedite the process, a decision was taken to switch to the paperless mode for all procurements valuing upto Rs. 7 Lakh. Purchase cost reduction of approx. Rs. 137 Crores was also achieved in 2020-21 through reverse auction, negotiations and deproprietarization,” added Dhan.

A special task force was also set-up by MM division to ensure timely supply of all the materials required to combat COVID-19. Recently, an MoU was inked with M/s RITES for pre dispatch inspection of materials being procured through MM division which will immensely benefit both the suppliers and BSL, said Dhan.


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