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BSL: Tenughat canal taken for planned shut down, no impact on water supply in the township

Bokaro: The water supply from Tenughat Dam to Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL) through 34.5 kilometers long Tenu- canal has been stopped for five days to conduct repairing and maintenance work. The BSL has initiated this step jointly with Tenughat Dam Division.

Tenughat canal is a lifeline for the five lakh population residing in Bokaro Township. The households in Township gets water supply once in 24 hours, which is continued unaffected. The water released from Tenughat Dam traveled through the canal to BSL plant from where it is stocked and distributed to different units of plant and township.

Cooling Pond

A BSL official said that “the Cooling Pond as of now has a sufficient water stock above 217 meters. The water position is assessed as comfortable at present. We have targeted to complete the repairing work in five days. Repairing work is necessary to avoid leakage”.

Chief of communication, BSL, Manikant Dhan said water is being supplied normally in the township. Tenughat Canal has been taken for planned shut down from 1st to 6th February for maintenance work. However, the water level in the Cooling Pond is normal and there is no impact on the water supply in the township due to the shutdown.

Executive engineer, Tenughat Dam Division, Shyam Kishore said “we have identified 31 points where repairing is being done while cleaning work is being done at another five points”. He added, the repairing work will be completed by February, 6.

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