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BSL’s Bold Breakthrough: Decades-old pipeline revamped amidst adversity

Bokaro: In a landmark event at Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL) on 6th July, Director-in-Charge B K Tiwari presided over the inauguration of a significant infrastructure upgrade—the replacement of a critical 650-meter pipeline within Blast Furnace -3’s Water Tunnel. Click to join Whatsapp:

Decades of Service
This pipeline, integral since its installation in 1972, had sustained continuous use for fifty years, ensuring the steady supply of water essential for the furnace’s operations. Recognising the pipeline’s deteriorating condition, the Capital Repair (Mechanical) and Water Management departments, under the guidance of Chief General Manager P K Baisakhia and other key officials, embarked on a daunting mission to replace it without disrupting production.

Challenges Conquered
Work commenced on November 8, 2023, to replace a 650-meter-long pipeline stretching from Blast Furnace-3 through the BPSCL department to Pump House-1, situated approximately 12 meters underground. This tunnel was filled with a mixture of water and mud, with half of the pipe submerged under these conditions.

Locating the tunnel’s opening and addressing logistical challenges, such as preparing the area for the positioning of hydraulic cranes required for the dismantling and construction process, posed significant hurdles. Initially, all the pipes were cut into 4-meter segments, transported to the tunnel opening, and then lifted into place. However, through collaborative efforts, the Water Management Department, Civil Engineering Department, and Capital Repair Department successfully navigated and resolved these challenges.

Director-in-Charge Commends Team Dedication and Future Vision
Director-in-Charge B K Tiwari expressed sincere appreciation for the teams’ exemplary dedication and foresight, encouraging them to embark on similar ambitious projects in the future. The ceremony also featured the commendation of contract laborers whose significant contributions were pivotal to the project’s successful execution. As BSL looks ahead, this milestone sets a benchmark for future infrastructure advancements within India’s steel industry.

Team Efforts RecognisedUnder the leadership of General Manager Prakash Kumar and Assistant General Manager Manish, supported by a dedicated team including Venkateshwar Kumar and VK Verma, the endeavor progressed with precision. Contract workers, alongside departmental staff like Amit Kumar and DP Singh, played pivotal roles in ensuring the project’s success. Y S Yadav, Anupam Kumar, Arun Kumar, and Sahil Gupta from the Water Management Department bravely undertook the task of cleaning the mud inside the tunnel. Click to join Whatsapp:



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