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DPS Bokaro Promotes Cleanliness: A week long drive to uphold divine values

Bokaro: In celebration of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary, DPS Bokaro  conducted a week-long cleanliness drive, instilling in its students the belief that cleanliness is not merely a choice but a way of life imbued with divinity. 

The students  enthusiastically embarked on a mission to clean their campus and its surrounding areas, with the  goal of instilling a profound understanding that cleanliness is not a mundane chore but a sacred calling.

Various activities were organised to propagate the message that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” A compelling Nukkad Natak (street play) eloquently conveyed the significance of maintaining cleanliness in our daily lives. Students delivered speeches and recited poetry during school assemblies, igniting inspiration among their peers.

Every student and staff member took a solemn pledge to champion the cause of cleanliness, nurturing a pristine and healthy environment not only for themselves but for all who share this world.

The walls of the Primary Wing of the school were transformed into portals of enlightenment, echoing the sentiments of Mahatma Gandhi, who dreamt of a cleaner and virtuous nation.

As the week progressed, students armed with brushes and brooms set forward on the mission to cleanse not only their classrooms but also their souls, viewing this endeavour as an act of devotion to the divine principle of cleanliness. The message resonated through the streets, conveyed through awareness campaigns and spirited rallies.

Principal, DPS Bokaro, Dr. A.S. Gangwar, actively participated in the cleaning efforts establishing the importance of cleanliness in our lives. He emphasized that the school organises this event annually to raise awareness among children and inspire them to embrace a clean lifestyle.

Dr. Gangwar stressed that by embracing cleanliness, individuals can contribute to the creation of a healthy and robust society, state, and nation. He called upon everyone to fulfill their responsibilities with sincerity and encouraged students to remain socially conscious.

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