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Embarking on a Journey: From DPS Bokaro to Netherlands, Dr Shivesh masters advancements in eardrum reconstruction

The eardrum plays a vital role in the human auditory system, serving as a conduit for sound transmission. Damage to this delicate structure can severely impair hearing function. Traditional repair methods often fall short in restoring full auditory capabilities, prompting a shift towards innovative approaches.

Advancements in Eardrum Reconstruction: Integrating Nanotechnology and 3D Printing

Addressing these challenges, researchers are exploring the integration of nanotechnology and 3D printing to fabricate artificial eardrums. This novel approach aims to overcome the limitations of conventional autologous tissue grafting, offering promising prospects for enhanced hearing restoration.

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Moreover, the socio-economic disparities prevalent in developing regions exacerbate the burden of eardrum perforations, highlighting the urgent need for accessible and cost-effective solutions. By leveraging cutting-edge fabrication techniques, such as 3D printing and electrospinning, researchers aim to develop off-the-shelf biomedical devices, streamlining complex surgical procedures and expanding access to quality healthcare.

Through meticulous investigation and experimentation, this study underscores the potential of biomimetic implants in achieving effective eardrum repair, thereby improving the overall auditory outcomes for patients. This interdisciplinary approach heralds a new era in regenerative medicine, paving the way for transformative advancements in ear reconstruction.

Parental Pride: Dr. Shivesh Anand’s Journey Through the Eyes of Manoj Kumar

Dr. Shivesh Anand is the son of Manoj Kumar, a former General Manager at SAIL-Bokaro Steel Plant, and his mother’s name is Sunita Kumar. Manoj Kumar, the father of Dr. Shivesh Anand, expressed his pride and admiration for his son’s accomplishments, highlighting the dedication and hard work that have propelled him towards success.

DPS Alumnus Dr. Shivesh Anand: A Journey in Bioengineering 

Dr. Shivesh Anand, hailing from Bokaro, India, embarked on a remarkable academic journey that led him to the forefront of tissue engineering and biofabrication for regenerative medicine. Graduating from DPS, Bokaro, he pursued a dual degree program in Electrical Engineering and Chemistry at BITS Pilani.

Driven by a passion for scientific exploration, Dr. Anand delved into tissue engineering during his tenure at the Harvard-MIT Institute of Health Sciences and Technology in Boston. Subsequent research stints at A*STAR (Singapore) and IBEC Barcelona (Spain) further honed his expertise in the field.

His doctoral studies at the MERLN Institute (Netherlands) focused on innovative treatments for perforated eardrums, underscoring his commitment to advancing medical solutions. Currently, as a Postdoctoral Researcher at Aarhus University (Denmark), Dr. Anand continues to push the boundaries of bioengineering, with a vision to revolutionise regenerative medicine on a global scale.


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