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Festive commencement of primary class session at Sree Ayyappa Public School, Bokaro

The commencement of the primary class session at Sree Ayyappa Public School unfolded amidst vibrant decorations and fervent anticipation. While other classes commenced on April 1, 2024, the initiation of the primary class session took place today, adorned with elaborate decorations tailored to captivate the young learners.

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Heartwarming Welcome for New Students 

With the ‘Chaitanya Jyoti’ admission festival having already embraced primary class students, today marked a joyous welcome for these newcomers. The school community, brimming with enthusiasm, eagerly awaited their arrival, lining the premises and gate to extend a warm reception.

Colorful Welcoming Ceremony 

Former students, adorned in enchanting costumes portraying beloved characters like Donald Duck, Spider-Man, and Cinderella, served as the focal point of attraction, extending hearty welcomes to their new peers. The vibrant array of attire added to the festive ambiance, fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie and excitement.

Inaugural Assembly Highlights 

The inaugural assembly commenced with prayers and mantras, infusing the atmosphere with serenity and reverence. Following the dissemination of news and uplifting thoughts, students delighted in captivating dance performances and a graceful ramp walk. Exceptional students from classes 1 to 3, securing top positions, received commendations on stage, acknowledging their achievements.

Words of Encouragement from School Leadership

Addressing the gathering, Dr. S. S. Mahapatra, the school director, extended his best wishes to the children, bolstering their spirits. Principal P. Shailaja Jayakumar, inspiring enthusiasm among the students, emphasised the uniqueness and potential within each student, predicting a bright future and promising contributions to the school’s glory.

Integral Role of School Staff 

The successful execution of the program owed much to the concerted efforts of the school’s vice principals, teachers, female educators, and staff, whose dedication ensured a memorable and uplifting commencement for the primary class session.

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