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GGPS Bokaro girls shine in Dr. Radhakrishnan Sahodaya Kho-Kho Competition

Bokaro: In a remarkable display of skill and determination, the girls’ category players from GGPS, Bokaro, have clinched the third position in the highly competitive Dr. Radhakrishnan Sahodaya Inter School Kho-Kho competition hosted at Rainbow Public School on the 3rd and 4th of November.

Commending the outstanding performance, Soumen Chakraborty, the school principal, extended his warm congratulations to the players, coach Sanju Singha, and the dedicated sports teachers. He underscored the unique nature of Kho-Kho, an indigenous sport that not only promotes physical fitness but also instills vigor and a healthy competitive spirit in each participant.

GGES Secretary, S.P. Singh, expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the players and offered words of encouragement for their future endeavors.

During a school prayer meeting, Principal  Chakraborty took the opportunity to honor the Kho-Kho team members, wishing them a bright and prosperous future. The students reciprocated with resounding applause, highlighting the collective pride and support for their accomplished peers.

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