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In Bokaro, Elite class prefers Sadar hosp more than pvt centres for taking Cov jabs

Bokaro: The affluent class in Bokaro is choosing to get their first shot of the Covid-19 vaccine in district hospital instead of private ones. Of the 14 hospitals earmarked for inoculating the senior citizens and those above 45 with co-morbidities, it is the Sadar hospital, located in ANM Hostel in Camp–2 area here, which is witnessing the maximum footfall.

As per district health department figures, nearly 1,500 people are taking the jab on a daily basis and most of them are choosing Sadar hospital. For instance, as of Friday morning, 631 senior citizens took their first shot, of which only 93 had took it in private hospitals. Among those getting vaccinated are retired officers and employees of Bokaro Steel Limited (BSL). Going by the district health officials, it is not about free jabs but the exemplary work the government-run healthcare facilities did last year when the pandemic was at its peak that is attracting the opulent class to Sadar hospital.

“People from different socio-economic backgrounds are turning up in large numbers at Sadar hospital. The vaccine centre here is doing exceptionally well,” Bokaro civil surgeon Dr A K Pathak told TOI.

These days, the visitor’s gallery at the hospital is teeming with beneficiaries ever since phase-2 of the vaccination drive started on March 1. Waiting for their turn, senior citizens are trying their hand at selfies and striking up conversations with the others on how they sailed through the lockdown. A senior citizen, said, “The way Sadar hospital or the district health machinery performed last year, starting from testing, contact-tracing to containing the virus, it has built immense trust among the people and I decided to take the shot there.”

A 70-year-old businessman named S Aggarwal said he had visited Sadar hospital for taking the shot but had to return home due to the rush. But he isn’t complaining as Aggarwal doesn’t mind going there twice for “he only trusts Sadar hospital when it comes to taking the jab”. He said, “I’ll be going there again on Monday when my turn comes up. I have more faith in Sadar hospital because the government is strict when it comes to storing the vaccine, including keeping it in ice-lined refrigerators. Moreover, the staff there never open the vials until the beneficiaries arrive at the premises in order to avoid wastage. For Covid vaccination purpose, or for that matter, testing, Sadar hospital or any government health centre is the best.”

Even the top administrative officials in Bokaro are taking the jab at Sadar hospital, which is further building confidence among the well-to-do. On Friday, Bokaro DC Rajesh Singh, SP Chandan Kumar Jha and his entire team of administrative officials took their second shot.

Sources- The Times Of India

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