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JIADA, Bokaro Region a growing investor-friendly destination, 38 companies applied for land

Bokaro: The Bokaro Region of Jharkhand Industrial Area Development Authourity (JIADA ) is a growing investor-friendly destination. As many as 38 investors have shown interest in installing industrial units here, promising investment of more than Rs 60 crores. However, there are more investors, but not a sufficient amount of land with JIADA, Bokaro region to allot them. As a solution, JIADA authorities have allotted lands to five companies including a Beer company, and invited the rest 33 investors to participate in online bidding for land.

JIADA, Bokaro region comprises industrial areas in 1400 acres in Bokaro, Dhanbad, and Giridih. In which maximum industrial plot about 1200 acres are in Balidih of Bokaro. The JIADA, Bokaro region is facing a land crunch in all three districts, with 745 MSME’s and industries existing on its land. Of these, the maximum 555 industrial units are in Bokaro district. At present JIADA Bokaro region is left with about 30 acres of land including 15 acres not in a viable state, with no road connections, and lack other facilities.

The Project Clearance Committee (PCC) of JIADA, Bokaro region headed by regional director, Rajesh Singh received 38 application for land allotment from the potential investors. The entrepreneurs had shown their willingness to install units like food processing, mineral water, flyash bricks, industrial fuel and oil, furniture, paper cups, slag metal and others, said Shashi Prakash Jha, secretary incharge of JIADA Bokaro region.

Assessing projects and related investments, employment, and other commitments of the investors, JIADA authorities had allotted land to five industries on Tuesday. This has brought an investment of about Rs 4508 lakhs (Rs 40.5 crores) to Bokaro Region and will generate employment for 312 people in the area. There were 12 plots of 34.5 acres offered by JIADA to the investors, of which five plots amounting to 16.5 acres have been allotted to these companies.

Now the rest 33 companies will have to compete the online bidding to bag the rest of the seven remaining plots of about 18 acres in JIADA Bokaro Region. Assistant Development Officer (ADO) of Bokaro Region, Sunny Singh said the five companies which have been allotted land in the PCC meeting includes Bokaro Distillery Private Limited a Beer manufacturing company, Nisha Enterprises in scrap production, Siddheswari Ispat in Ingot production, Bokaro infrabuild Private Limited manufacturing cemented poles and Garuda Private Limited producer of flyash bricks.

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