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National Energy Conservation Day: Energy conservation should be rooted in the behaviour of every human being

Bokaro: The engineers and environmentalists of the town observed “National Energy Conservation Day” on Monday. The speakers on the occasion emphasise the judicious use of energy to minimise wastage and to save sources for the future generation. They also promote efforts towards saving energy resources.

A seminar was organised to mark the day at the Institution of Engineers (India), Bokaro Centre in Sector-V. Energy Conservation Day is observed by IE members every year on December 14. The participants, who were mostly senior officials of Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL) and other companies, kept their views on making people aware of global warming and climate change.

Chief general manager of Energy Management Department in BSL, S K Sahoo, who was the chief guest, inaugurated the function by lighting the lamp. In his inaugural address, he stressed upon the stoppage of wastage of energy. He also emphasised on the use of energy-efficient appliances and equipment with the latest technology.

Environmentalist, Navin Prakash Srivastava said that exact means of energy conservation is using less energy by avoiding the unnecessary uses of energy. “Using energy efficiently is very necessary to save it for future usage. Energy conservation should be rooted in the behaviour of every human being to get more effect towards the plan of energy conservation”.  Srivastava’s speech bagged a huge round of applause.

IEL members celebrated “National Energy Conservation Day”

Srivastava, who is also head of Environment Department of BSL, spoke about various aspects of energy conservation and mentioned about fast depletion of natural resources like fossil oil, crude oil, coal and natural gases. This poised problem for future generation and required to be replaced with renewable sources of energy to protect the environment, climate change, carbon emission reduction and natural resources.

Another, Y N Singh, chairman of the IEL Bokaro centre pointed on avoiding the unnecessary use of energy. Meanwhile, two papers were presented by Ex-DGM (EMD) of BSL, K K Sanyal on “Energy Conservation at the post-Covid-19 era. And, senior manager BPSCL, Akhilesh Bumb on “Energy Conservation And Management”.
A good number of members were present on the occasion.

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