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Railway carrying oxygen on mission mode to different states

Bokaro: South Eastern Railway (SER) is working on a mission mode for transportation of Liquid Medical Oxygen to different states as per their requirement. Two more Oxygen Express Trains started from Bokaro Steel City in S E Railway jurisdiction today on their way to Lucknow and Jabalpur. The train from Bokaro to Lucknow carried 38.54 tonnes of Liquid Medical Oxygen while the train towards Jabalpur carried 22.75 tonnes of Oxygen. The second rake of Oxygen Express Train from Tatanagar departed for Lucknow today evening with 31.52 tonnes of Liquid Medical Oxygen in containers.

So far, South Eastern Railway has carried total 893 tonnes of Liquid Medical Oxygen by 20 Oxygen Express trains towards different directions. SER has run 11 Oxygen Express trains from Bokaro to Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) and 5 trains from Bokaro to Bhopal/Sagar/Jabalpur of Madhya Pradesh. Apart from these, 2 trains have been run from Rourkela towards Faridabad in Haryana and 2 trains from Tatanagar to Lucknow.

South Eastern Railway employees are engaged round the clock to facilitate movement of the Oxygen Express Trains and the different aspects of train movement like maximum speed, route mapping etc. are being planned and monitored at the apex level. This has ensured timely transportation of the life saving gas for the Covid affected patients at different places of the country.

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