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Record daily production achieved by BSL’s Sinter Plant

Bokaro: The Sinter Plant Department at Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL) attained a remarkable milestone, setting a new daily sinter production record of 22,230 tonnes.

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This achievement surpasses the previous best of 22,055 tonnes set on February 25, 2007. In acknowledgment of this feat, Bokaro Steel’s top management extends congratulations to Chief General Manager (Sinter Plant), BK Behera, his dedicated team, as well as all supporting departments and contract workers.

According to Manikant Dhan, BSL’s Chief of Communication, this accomplishment underscores the plant’s commitment to operational excellence and efficiency. He emphasises the collective effort and diligence exhibited by the entire workforce in achieving this milestone.

Dhan further highlights the significance of such achievements in advancing the steel plant’s reputation and contributing to its long-term growth strategy. “The record-breaking sinter production not only reflects the dedication of the personnel involved but also positions Bokaro Steel Plant as a leader in the steel industry.”

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