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Settle pay disparity before processing pay revision or nothing will be accepted: BSOA chief

The Council Meeting of Steel Executives Federation of India (SEFI) was held on Sunday. Pay revision, pay disparity, and disinvestment of PSUs draw major concern of members in the meeting. The discussion was also held on the proposal of Steel Authourity of India Limited (SAIL)- 15% MGB with 23% perks and 10 MGB with 33% Perks. However, there was a mixed reaction of members on it. Meanwhile, Bokaro Steel Officers Association (BSOA) also reiterated its demand for 15% MGB and 35 % perks.

BSOA chief, A K Singh

President of BSOA, A K Singh said “We strongly raised the voice for the settlement of pay disparity before processing for the pay revision or otherwise, nothing will be accepted”. He added, “We also disagree with the proposal of SEFI and suggested that the final decision on the MGB and Perks will be taken after seeing the proper calculation in the physical meeting with SAIL management”.

In the meantime, the SEFI will also explore and equipped with the final calculations and actual status. SEFI will also wait for the final outcome of the NJCS Meeting scheduled to be held on 16th March 2021.

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