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Winter protection: Vitamin, calcium and honey to animals in Bokaro Zoo

  1. Bokaro: With temperature decreases, the authorities of Jawaharlal Nehru Biological (JNB) park has come up providing cold cover to the animals and birds this winter. JNB park is popular as Bokaro Zoo here. Apart from installing heaters outside the cells and other arrangements, the staff is also giving calcium, vitamin, B-complex, and honey to the animals to build their immunity.

Incharge-cum-vet of the JNB park, Gautam Chakraborty said “seeing the decreasing temperature we have come up administering calcium, B-Complex and Vitamin-A to Leopards, tiger, and blackbuck as they are very sensitive to chill. We gave them these medicines by mixing in their food. Besides we have also installed room heaters outside the cells of Leopards and Tiger. Meanwhile, the bear is fed honey to keep it warm. Besides firewoods are being burnt in enclosures of deer to keep them warm”.

Room heater installed outside the cage of leopard

Zoo at present has 28 different species of animals and birds including four leopards, a tiger, 50 blackbucks, a Himalayan bear, and a hippopotamus as a major attraction. Meanwhile, Chakraborty said “we have covered the aviary of birds with curtains and also placed straws inside the enclosures of snake, civet, and birds to stop cold waves from entering their cells. We are adopting cold protective measures for the relief of inmates, observing temperature decreasing these days”.

Leopard in its cell in Bokaro Zoo

The branches of trees were trimmed to ensure that sun rays reach inside enclosures of animals without disruption. Staffs believe that animals enjoy seating under the sun during the winter season. It keeps them warm. Animals feel more comfortable living in a natural environment. Chakraborty said, “It was a great view when we burnt firewood in the enclosure after 3 pm and deers came and sit at a little far distance to keep them warm”. Bokaro zoo is owned and maintained by Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL), a unit of Steel Authourity of India Limited (SAIL).

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