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102 GMs promoted as chief general managers in SAIL, 18 executives elevated in Bokaro Steel Plant

Bokaro: As many as 18 general managers of Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL) have been promoted to the rank of chief general manager (CGM) on Wednesday. In a drive to fill vacancies at a level below executive director (ED’s), Steel Authourity of India Limited (SAIL) has elevated a total 102 general managers to the chief general manager’s (CGM) position.

Newly promoted CGM’s will now take up more challenging assignments for the growth of organisation. A few well-known GM’s in BSL who got promotion are – Lakshmi Dass, GM (Director I/c Sectt.) is now CGM (Director I/c Sectt.). GM (Town Administration) Shaligram Singh will now be heading Civil Engineering Department (CED). Niranjan Kumar GM (Personnel) has been given a new assignment as CGM (HRD). Anil Kumar GM (MM-Purchase) elevated as CGM (MM).

Lakshmi Dass receiving a promotion order from director Incharge Amarendu Prakash on Wednesday

Meanwhile, in the Medical wing, four additional chief medical officers have also been promoted to the grade of chief medical officer in four different units including one in BSL. A total 106 executives have been promoted from E-7 (GM) to E-8 (CGM) grade in SAIL, said sources. The newly-promoted executives received the promotion orders from the director incharge of BSL, Amarendu Prakash at a function organised at the Conference Hall of its Secretariat.

Director Incharge congratulated the newly promoted CGMs. Prakash said, “I hope that in their new roles as heads of their respective areas, they will steer the organization to greater heights”. The list of promoted executives from GM to CGM’s in BSL is as follows:

  • Alak Sadhu GM (SP-Electrical) – transferred – BSL CGM (Power Facilities) BSL
  • Alok Kumar GM (Projects) – transferred – BSL CGM (Mills) DSP
  • Anil Kumar GM (MM-Purchase) – transferred – BSL CGM (MM) BSL
  • Animesh Kr. Jha GM (Traffic) – transferred – BSL CGM (Traffic) BSL
  • K. Behera GM (CR-Mechanical) –transferred – BSL CGM (Sinter Plant) BSL
  • Deepak Roy GM (PEB) – transferred – BSL CGM (HRCF) BSL
  • V. Shekhar GM I/c (Shops & Foundry) –transferred – BSL CGM (Shops) BSL
  • Lakshmi Dass GM (Director I/c Sectt.) –Not transferred – BSL CGM (Director I/c Sectt.) BSL
  • P. Singh GM (BF-Mechanical) – transferred – BSL CGM (BF) BSL
  • Niranjan Kumar GM (Personnel) – transferred – BSL CGM (HRD) BSL
  • S. Kannan GM (CO & BPP) – transferred -BSL CGM (RCL) BSL
  • K. Srivastava GM (CRM-Operations) – transferred – BSL CGM (MRD) BSL
  • Rakesh Kumar GM (F&A) – transferred – BSL CGM (F&A) ISP
  • Rakesh Kumar GM (CO & BPP-Operations) – transferred – BSL CGM (CO & BPP) BSL
  • Shaligram Singh GM (Town Admin.) – transferred – BSL CGM (CED) BSL
  • Sharad Gupta GM (HSM-Mechanical) – transferred – BSL CGM (WMD) BSL
  • P. Upadhyaya GM (RPC) – transferred – BSL CGM (Refractory) BSL
  • Sharma Addl. Chief Medical Officer BSL – – Chief Medical Officer BSL
  • The list of 102 general managers who achieved promotion in CGM grade  in SAIL are as follows :



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