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Four students of Vidyarthi Classes crack IIT-JEE Main-2023

Bokaro: Four students of Vidyarthi Classes, located in Bari Cooperative, have successfully cracked the IIT-JEE Main-2023, results for which were declared on Saturday. The students, hailing from Bokaro and other districts, are elated with their success.

Vidyarthi Classes is a coaching institute set up by prominent educator Vidyarthi Sir in Bari Cooperative, outside the main town of Bokaro. The institute aims to provide JEE preparation facilities along with proper food and lodging at a significantly cheaper rate compared to urban areas. As a result, many outstation students from Bihar and other districts pursue coaching at Vidyarthi Classes.

The successful students from Vidyarthi Classes are Sujal Kumar with 98.7 percentile, Ratan with 87 percentile, Shantanu with 89 percentile, and Shreya with 89 percentile. These students have proved that with dedication and hard work, students from smaller places can also excel in highly competitive exams like the IIT-JEE.

The students have expressed their gratitude to Vidyarthi Sir and the faculty at Vidyarthi Classes for providing them with the necessary guidance and resources to achieve their goals. They also credited the institute’s facilities for providing them with an environment conducive to focused study and preparation.

Vidyarthi Sir congratulated the students on their achievement and stressed the importance of hard work and dedication in achieving success in competitive exams. He also reiterated the institute’s commitment to providing affordable and quality education to students from all backgrounds.

Overall, the success of these four students from Vidyarthi Classes highlights the importance of accessible and affordable education for students from smaller towns and villages who aspire to achieve success in competitive exams.

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