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75-year-old woman on Santhara attains Samadhi on 12th day

Bokaro: Bimla Devi, who has been observing Santhara (Sallekhana) , a Jain ritual in which an individual fast unto death, attained Samadhi at 4.11 pm on Friday, after completing 12 days at her residence in MDA Heights in Bokaro-Dhanbad road, Chas of the district. As the final moments approached, the 75-year-old wanted to herself on sitting posture, as it is considered the most ideal form once could achieve during the Santhara.

Apparently, she was conscious till the end, a rare achievement during the Santhara. Watching her attaining Samadhi was a great feeling. They are satisfied that her mother went directly to Vaikuntha, said Dharmender Jain, son of Devi. He is the renowned businessman and owner of Jharkhand’s one of the biggest ‘Bokaro Mall’. He was former president of Rotary Club, Kolkata.

Devi took Santhara after getting recovered from Covid – 19, but was suffering from multiple ailments, chronic kidney disease being one of them. Santhara is a religious death through fasting, seen as a highly respected practice in Jainism. Devi had stopped taking food and water after she vowed Santhara.

Devi was survived by three married sons while her husband Moolchand Choraria died earlier. Her three sons- Madan, Dharmender and Subhash Choraria – are well established businessmen. They owned Malls, hotel, rolling mill, steel sheets plant, agencies of electrical items, mobile dealership and are also in real estate business in Jharkhand and West Bengal.

Hundreds of residents paid tribute to Devi (Santhara Sadhika) on her last rites. After the Samadhi, the body was taken out for a procession in Chas. Attaining Samadhi after observing Santhara is rare these days. Only those who have strong faith in Jainism can do that. The body in sitting posture was burned using coconut and sandalwood in the pyre.

Santhara is also called sallekhna, Sanlekhna or samadhi maran, as per Jain religious traditions. To pay homage to the departed soul Dharmender Jain alongwith her wife Rajani Jain has organised online Smriti Sabha through zoom app on Sunday. The body of Devi was cremated by Jain rituals at Garga Burning Ghat on Saturday, the 13th day of Santhara.

Her death was celebrated as a festival. Women, men and members of society took her body on palanquin (Palaki) to the Burning Ghat. Sitting on the pyre, the palanquin was lit by his three sons. A prayer meeting was also held later at the Jain temple.

Renowned businessmen of the town, Sonu Seth, Umesh Jain, Sajjan Kumar Jain, Kamal Taneja, Pawan Kejriwal, Shanti Lal Lodha, Manoj Bhalotia, Madan Daga, Siddharth Parikh, Prakash Kothari and others including Dr Ratan Kejriwal, Dr Shravan Kumar, Dr Rajdeep were present during the last rites.


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