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A female Sambhar died of cardiac respiratory failure in Bokaro zoo

Bokaro: A 20-year-old female sambhar died at Jawaharlal Nehru Biological Park (JNB) on Saturday. Vetinary doctor of district Animal Husbandry department , Dr Mukesh Sinha who conducted post mortem said that the Sambhar was old age and died of cardiac respiratory failure.

One leg of the sambar was found hurt, which zoo authourities said that it got hurt few days ago with the bars of the enclosure. The post mortem was done under strict Covid guidelines, said Dr Sinha. The JNB park popularly known as Bokaro zoo is run and maintained by Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL), a unit of SAIL.

Following government directives, the zoo is closed in this second wave of coronavirus. BSL spokesperson Manikant Dhan said that there were five sambhars in the zoo, of which one died. One male and three female sambhars are in the zoo.

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