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Bokaro Steel Officer’s Association gears up for elections, 1750 executives to cast votes on 25 Feb

Bokaro: Despite a delay in its announcement, the Bokaro Steel Officer’s Association (BSOA) has officially scheduled its election for February 25. The election involves the participation of 1750 executives from Bokaro Steel Plant, a unit under SAIL, and is conducted once every two years. In the previous election, A K Singh, currently serving as the General Manager in BSL, emerged as a formidable contender, showcasing his influence within the association.

Click here to follow in Whatsapp: However, this time around, the contest is expected to be more competitive, with several new faces expressing interest in joining the fray. The prospect of fresh candidates entering the race adds a layer of intrigue to the upcoming election, promising an engaging and closely-watched affair.

RO appointed by BSOA

In preparation for the upcoming elections, the General Council of Bokaro Steel Officer’s Association (BSOA) has appointed the undersigned as the Returning Officer (RO) and N A Saifi, GM (L&A), as the Alternate Returning Officer (ARO). This decision, as conveyed through BSOA’s letter dated 23.01.2024, aims to conduct the elections for the term 2023-25 in accordance with the constitution’s provisions, as amended in 1997.

As per the constitutional requirements, the association’s members will democratically elect the three principal office bearers of the Executive Committee: President, General Secretary, and Treasurer. Simultaneously, Zonal Representatives (ZRs) will be elected by members of their respective zones, as outlined in Annexure-I.

Key Dates and Activities for the Election Process: 

1.  Withdrawal of Nominations:  3rd Feb. 2024
2.  Receipt of Nominations:  5th Feb (Monday) to 10th Feb (Saturday), 2024 (3:30 pm to 5:30 pm)
3.  Publication of Final List of Candidates: 16th Feb 2024 (Friday)
4.  Election for Principal Office Bearers and ZRs: 25th Feb 2024 (Sunday) from 10 AM to 5 PM
5.  Election for Other Executive Committee Posts: 28th Feb 2024 (Wednesday) from 7 PM to 9 PM

The elections for President, General Secretary, Treasurer, and ZRs will be conducted through secret ballot. Notably, the list of zones and specified numbers of ZRs for each zone are provided in Annexure-I.

Information and Guidelines for the Election Process: 

1. The election will encompass the three principal office bearers and ZRs through secret ballot.
2. Only members enrolled before this election notification will be eligible to participate.
3. Nominees, proposers, and seconders must be eligible voters for this BSOA election.
4. For ZR nominations, candidates, proposers, and seconders must belong to the same zone.
5. In case of false statements in nomination forms, the nomination may be rejected, and elected members may face cancellation of their post.

On the Day of Election: 

1. Candidates or their representatives must be present 20 minutes before polling starts.
2. Members are urged to vote on 25th February 2024, presenting their BSL photo identity card.
3. Each member will receive two sets of ballot papers—one for principal office bearers and one for ZRs.
4. Postal ballot voting is permitted for outstation BSL office members.

The BSOA had appealed for cooperation to ensure free and fair elections, fostering peace and harmony throughout the process.

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