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DPS Bokaro: Five students cleared Regional Mathematical Olympiad

Bokaro: Five students of DPS, Bokaro, have etched their names in the prestigious annals of the Indian National Mathematical Olympiad (INMO). The quintet, hailed as mathematical prodigies, successfully cleared the Regional Mathematical Olympiad, securing their coveted positions in the upcoming INMO.


The stellar qualifiers from DPS, Bokaro, include Kumar Anmol (X), Abhineet Sharan (XI), Ayush Lacchiramka (IX), Ayush Raj (IX), and Soumadip Mandal (XII). These young mathematicians have not only exemplified academic excellence but have also emerged as torchbearers in the school’s commitment to nurturing exceptional talent.

INMO, a cornerstone event in India’s mathematical landscape since its inception in 1989, stands as the gateway to the International Mathematical Olympiad, underscoring the nation’s commitment to fostering mathematical brilliance.

The competition is organised annually by the Homi Bhaba Centre for Science Education (HBCSE) under the esteemed guidance of the National Board of Higher Mathematics (NBHM).

Commending the extraordinary achievement, Dr. A.S Gangwar Principal, DPS, Bokaro, extended warm congratulations to the stellar quintet. “Our students’ outstanding performance is a testament to their dedication and the exceptional standards upheld by DPS, Bokaro.

“We take immense pride in their accomplishments, and this success reaffirms our commitment to providing a nurturing environment for academic excellence,” remarked the Principal,” he added.

As these budding mathematicians gear up for the challenges of the INMO, the DPS, Bokaro, community rallies behind them, anticipating further triumphs on the national stage.

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