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Wellmark Hospital and Samarth sign MoU to facilitate elder care activities in Bokaro

Bokaro: To provide a comfortable and enriching environment for the elderly and ensure their better health, the Samarth Community and Wellmark Hospital have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Bokaro.

The MoU aims to offer prompt medical care to elderly residents and facilitate their engagement in various activities to ensure mental peace. The Samarth Multi Activity Centre for Elderly (MACE) in Bokaro is dedicated to providing support to its members for health, wellness, learning, and engagement.

The activities offered at Samarth MACE include periodic medical and wellness consultations, talks and discussions by experts, sessions on technology, money matters, legal advice, hobbies, and mental and physical engagement.

The MoU was signed between the director of Wellmark Hospital, Suresh Kumar, and Director of Samarth, Asheesh Gupta, in the presence of another director of the hospital, Vivek Jaiswal, and other officials of Samarth.

It is mentioned that, Wellmark Hospital, a NABH accredited tertiary care institution in Bokaro, has come forward to facilitate the health and elder care-related activities of Samarth-MACE.

The event consisted of the MoU exchange and a curtain-raiser for forthcoming programs and services to be rolled out. “The signing of this MoU is a significant step towards ensuring the well-being of the elderly in Bokaro and creating a conducive environment for their mental and physical health.

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