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National Press Day 2023 workshop explores the impact of Artificial Intelligence on Media

The Information and Public Relations Department organised a workshop on National Press Day 2023 at the Hans Regency Auditorium in the city. The event was attended by key officials, including Deputy Commissioner Kuldeep Chaudhary, SP, Bokaro, Priyadarshi Alok, Deputy Development Commissioner Kirtishree G., and various district officers.

Deputy Commissioner’s Insight

Deputy Commissioner Kuldeep Chaudhary emphasised the historical significance of the press and its evolution over the years. He acknowledged the transformative impact of technological advancements, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chat GPT, on the media landscape.

Chaudhary stressed the importance of understanding the profound influence of AI on media and directed the Information and Public Relations Department to conduct a dedicated workshop on AI technology.

Media’s Technological Journey

Highlighting the evolution of media, Chaudhary noted the shift from traditional print media to the current landscape encompassing electronic, digital, and social media. He expressed optimism about the opportunities AI presents for media, including advancements in editing, animation techniques, and enhanced marketing strategies.

Adapting to AI

Recognising the rapid progress of AI, Chaudhary urged the media to enhance their skills to keep pace with the technology. He said the need for media professionals to embrace AI and leverage its capabilities for the benefit of both the industry and its audience.

Law Enforcement Perspective

Superintendent of Police Priyadarshi Alok underscored the role of AI as a tool that understands individual preferences, transforming the way people receive and consume news and entertainment. Alok acknowledged AI’s integration into daily life and its contribution to personalised content creation, making information more accessible to individuals.

Media as Democracy’s Guardian

Deputy Development Commissioner Kirtishree G. highlighted the enduring role of media as the guardian of democracy, truth, and accountability. Recognising AI as a necessary tool for the future, she higlighted the importance of making it an ally rather than an adversary. Kirtishree G. called for a workshop to enhance the skills of media representatives in AI technology.

District Administration’s Role

Drawing attention to the district administration’s support for computer technology, Kirtishree G. presented examples of initiatives promoting technological advancements. She encouraged collaboration between the administration and the media for skill development in AI technology.

AI’s Double-Edged Sword

Assistant Public Relations Officer Avinash Kumar Singh discussed AI’s potential to streamline news generation and personalise content according to individual preferences. However, Singh also acknowledged the dual nature of AI as a tool that can be both advantageous and challenging.


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