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Only one employee Covid-19 positive in Bokaro Steel Plant, fresh advisory issued by company

Bokaro: The steel major Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL), which witnessed a peak in Covid-19 cases a month ago, has only one of its employee positive of the coronavirus now. However BSL management has issued a fresh advisory to its 11,000 employees asking for strict compliance.

BSL’s spokesperson, Manikant Dhan, said “As many as 189 employees and officials have tested positive of Covid-19 so far. Except one employee who is currently undergoing treatment in the Covid ward of Bokaro General Hospital (BGH), all the affected executives and non-executives have been cured. There were no deaths among any employee. Majority of them are back to work.”

Maximum number of BSL employees had got infected with the virus between August and September. Covid-19 health check-up camps organised by district health department helped  the spread of virus.

The list of Covid-19 affected staffers in BSL includes executive directors, general managers, deputy general managers, doctors and medical staffs. However BSL management to stop the further spread of virus has issued fresh directives for its employees.

BSL employees participating in Covid-19 awareness drive inside plant.

The revised SOPs focused mainly on preventive measures to contain the spread of COVID-19.  Dhan said, the SOP mentioned that any employee or his family members or relatives coming to Bokaro Steel City from another State, the employee shall have to report for duty as usual. It is not required to stay in quarantine if he is not suffering from any of the COVID – 19 related symptoms.  However, it is required to self-monitor symptoms for 14 days and shall comply with the government guidelines in this regard for preventive measures.

If any employed have their family members or domestic help suffering from fever along with one or more  symptoms such as breathlessness, throat infection, body cramp, and cough etc, they should themselves get their test done of COVID – 19 at Sadar Hospital.  If tested COVID positive, the concerned employee shall not report for duty and shall mandatorily inform his senior about the same. Non-disclosure of information would be viewed as suppression of fact and the concerned employee would be liable for disciplinary action as per rules.

He added other points that in case the residence of any employee falls within the containment zone as declared by the district administration, the employee shall have to mandatorily remain at home till the de-notification of his residence from the containment zone.  In case any family member or domestic help of an employee is tested COVID – 19 positive, the employee shall be granted quarantine leave as per rules. Meanwhile In case an employee himself is tested COVID positive, the employee shall be granted Special CL till he recovers with the approval of the competent authority.

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