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Outstanding achievements by GGPS Bokaro students in 31st district level National Children’s Science Congress

Bokaro: In a remarkable showcase of scientific prowess, students from Guru Gobind Singh Public School (GGPS), Bokaro, have left an indelible mark at the 31st District Level National Children’s Science Congress.


Organised by the Society for Science, Jharkhand, under the aegis of the National Science and Technology Communication Council, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, the event served as a platform for young minds to exhibit their scientific acumen and advocate for child rights.

Shrishishreya, a student from GGPS, Bokaro, clinched a coveted spot for the National Child Rights Congress (CRC), while Shubham Kumar secured a position on the shortlist for the National Children’s Science Congress (NCSC).

The school is beaming with pride at this momentous achievement, and Soumen Chakraborty, the Principal of GGPS, Bokaro, emphasized the significance of nurturing curiosity, fostering creativity, and shaping young imaginations.

Acknowledging the students’ dedication and hard work, Mr. Chakraborty praised their success and extended gratitude to the guiding teachers. He emphasized that tireless effort, dedication, and focus are the cornerstones of success, and he wished both students a bright and prosperous future.

Congratulating the accomplished students, GGES Secretary S. P. Singh envisioned them as the future scientists of the nation. They provided guidance to the youth, inspiring them to excel at the national level. The school community takes immense pride in this fantastic achievement, underscoring the promising potential of its students in the field of science and child rights advocacy.

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