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Pentecostal Assembly School Bokaro organises language quiz competition

Bokaro: The Pentecostal Assembly School organised a vibrant language quiz competition that drew enthusiastic participation from students in classes VI to VIII. The event celebrated language as a pivotal medium for ideological exchange, emphasising its role in preserving history and tradition, thereby enriching human expression and connectivity.

The competition, a brain-stimulating exercise akin to a game, featured various segments including warm-up sessions, grammar challenges, vocabulary tests, exploration of authors and books, and a rapid-fire round. Students showcased their knowledge and skills with great fervor, weaving intricate expressions and displaying their linguistic prowess.

Throughout the event, the audience engaged actively, finding the program both informative and inspiring. Principal Dr. (Mrs.) Karuna Prasad commended all participants for their impressive performance, highlighting their talent and dedication. She expressed optimism about their future prospects, encouraging them to continue honing their skills and striving for excellence.

The auditorium resonated with applause as participants and supporters alike celebrated the success of the competition. The event not only tested academic prowess but also fostered a spirit of camaraderie and intellectual curiosity among the school community. It underscored the importance of linguistic proficiency as a gateway to broader learning and cultural understanding.

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