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Pentecostal Assembly School observes Earth Day with inspiring activities

Bokaro: The Pentecostal Assembly School celebrated Earth Day 2024 on Monday with a focus on sustainability and conservation, highlighting the theme of “Planet Versus Plastic.” The school organised a series of impactful assemblies, engaging students across all grades in activities aimed at promoting environmental responsibility.

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Different assemblies tailored to each school section offered students unique opportunities to explore environmental issues. Younger students from Pre-Nursery to Grade V participated in coloring and poster-making competitions, fostering creativity and awareness of their environmental impact. Grades 6 to 8 students engaged in slogan-writing competitions, promoting a greener future. They also crafted eco-friendly planters to encourage sustainable living.

Students from Grades 9 to 12 showcased their artistic abilities in face painting and canvas painting competitions, sparking imagination and passion for environmental advocacy.

Grade 12 students composed a special Earth Day song, while primary students delighted the audience with energetic performances featuring songs like “Dhak Dhak Dharti” and “Na Kato Mujhe, Dukhta Hai,” expressing their love for the planet.

Principal Dr. Karuna Prasad, a strong advocate for holistic education, addressed each assembly with encouragement and wisdom. “As we celebrate Earth Day today, let’s renew our commitment to protect and preserve our planet,” Dr. Prasad remarked.

The day’s celebrations concluded with students receiving certificates for their outstanding participation in Earth Day competitions held throughout the week.

The Earth Day celebration at The Pentecostal Assembly School not only raised awareness of environmental issues but also inspired students to embrace eco-friendly practices for a sustainable future.

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