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Pentecostal School hosts declamation competition on climate change awareness

Bokaro: Pentecostal Assembly School organized a declamation competition for Class XII students. The purpose of this competition was to recognize and reward mastery over communication skills and engage students in an exchange of ideas on the pressing issue of climate change.

With the school’s Earth Day celebrations drawing near, the event provided young minds with an opportunity to challenge each other on their responsibility towards protecting and conserving the environment.

The competition’s topic was “It’s time to act – combating our climate crisis,” and the students put forth their views and ideas with great power and clarity, apt modulation, and expression, giving the issue the importance it deserves. Each student’s speech was thought-provoking and insightful, inspiring the audience to think critically about the impact of climate change on the planet.

The competition concluded with the Principal, Karuna Prasad’s words of appreciation and encouragement for the participants. She applauded the students’ enthusiasm and reiterated the importance of taking small but meaningful steps towards protecting our environment.

Karuna Prasad’s slogan for the year was “Each one, plant one,” highlighting the power of individual actions towards combating climate change.

The Importance of Climate Change Awareness among Young Minds

Climate change is one of the most significant issues facing our planet today. It is a problem that will have far-reaching consequences for future generations. As such, it is crucial to engage young minds in a dialogue on this issue to raise awareness about its impact and inspire them to take action.

The Pentecostal Assembly School’s declamation competition is an excellent example of how schools can engage students in discussions on climate change. By providing a platform for students to express their views and ideas on this issue, the competition encouraged critical thinking and fostered an understanding of the importance of protecting our planet.

With the students’ insightful speeches and the Principal’s encouraging words, the competition served as a catalyst for awareness and action towards combating the climate crisis. It is crucial to continue to organise such events to inspire young minds to take responsibility and contribute towards a better and more sustainable future for our planet.


1st  – Shambhavi Sharma (XII E)

2nd – H.Yukti ( XII E)

3rd – Bhumi Kumari ( XII E)

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