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SAIL-Bokaro Steel Plant and TCIL sign MOU to explore 5G Technology Potential

Bokaro: SAIL-Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Telecommunications Consultants India Limited (TCIL) to join hands in exploring the potential of 5G/IT/Telecom technology and other wireless communication technologies in Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL) and its various facilities and locations including mines, collieries, CCSO, SRU, and Non-Works areas.

The MOU was signed by B.K. Tiwari, ED (Works) from BSL’s side and Sharad Gupta, CGM (Maintenance) as a witness. From TCIL’s side, Alka Selot Asthana, ED (IT & Telecom), signed the MOU and Sri Sanjay Kumar, GM (Digital Transformation), signed as a witness.

BSL will become the first PSU in India to take the initiative for setting up a dedicated 5G network with the help of TCIL. This MOU will enable the testing of various business use cases in steel manufacturing, mines, smart cities, and other areas, paving the way for more innovative solutions and new opportunities.

Ms Alka Selot Asthana, ED (IT & Telecom), highlighted that TCIL has the necessary expertise, experience, and resources to provide turnkey solutions for the deployment, testing, commissioning, and maintenance of 5G/IT/Telecom technologies for SAIL-BSL. The partnership will provide valuable insights into the capabilities of 5G/IT/Telecom technologies and its potential applications in the steel industry.

Sharad Gupta, CGM (Maintenance), emphasized that the MOU will be the umbrella to utilize the facilities and expertise of TCIL, and SAIL-BSL looks forward to a fruitful and successful collaboration in the years ahead towards the goal of Digital Transformation.

Several other officials from SAIL-BSL and TCIL were present during the signing of the MOU, including Sri Bipin Krishna Sartape (CGM- C, A & Communication), A Bankira (CGM- C&IT), and Vijay Kumar GM(C&A). The MOU signing marks the beginning of a promising partnership between the two top-notch institutions.

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