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SAIL chairman unveils Desulfurisation Units at Bokaro Steel Plant, opening doors for auto sector opportunities

In a momentous move geared towards advancing the quality of steel production, SAIL Chairman Amarendu Prakash inaugurated Desulfurisation Unit 1 and 2 at Steel Melting Shop-2 in the Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL). This strategic initiative is set to propel BSL towards heightened steel standards, fostering operational efficiency that goes beyond immediate benefits. The move is anticipated to open new avenues in the auto sector market and significantly enhance the production of high-quality special steel.


Transformative Phase with Desulfurisation Activation 

The activation of Desulfurisation Unit 1 and 2 signifies a transformative phase for BSL, reflecting a dedicated commitment to refining the steel manufacturing process. Chairman Prakash expressed optimism about the far-reaching impact of these units, emphasising their role in enhancing the overall quality of steel produced by BSL.

In-Depth Exploration at the Hot Strip Mill 

A pivotal juncture of the plant tour involved a visit to the hot strip mill, where Chairman Prakash gained firsthand insights into the intricate processes integral to steel manufacturing. This immersive experience underscored the Chairman’s commitment to understanding the nuances of the production process.

BSL’s Crucial Role in SAIL’s Expansion Plans BSL emerges as a pivotal player in SAIL’s ambitious expansion plans, playing a crucial role in the company’s growth trajectory. The expansive vision involves a substantial increase in crude steel production capacity at the Bokaro Steel Plant, soaring from the current 4.66 million metric tons per annum (MTPA) to an impressive 7.16 MTPA. This expansion project unfolds as a brownfield initiative.

Chairman’s Comprehensive Visit and Expansion Plans 

During his comprehensive visit, Chairman Prakash delved into the intricate details of BSL’s expansion plans. Meticulously inspecting sites earmarked for the proposed brownfield expansion within the plant premises, the Chairman signaled a hands-on approach to the realization of the ambitious project.

Chairman Engages in Discussions with Youth Managers and Trade Union Representatives

SAIL Chairman Amarendu Prakash, alongside Director in-charge  Atanu Bhowmik, paid homage to Dr. B.R. Ambedkar on Mahaparinirvan Diwas. Following this, at Bokaro Niwas, Chairman Prakash engaged in separate discussions with the young managers and trade union representatives of Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL). During these sessions, Prakash delved into various aspects with the participants, fostering dialogue on crucial matters

Reviewing Production and Projects in Meeting with BSL Senior Officials

Chairman held a distinct meeting with senior officials of BSL, conducting a comprehensive review of production, ongoing projects, and other significant issues. The meeting also witnessed the participation of executive directors and chief general managers from BSL and its subordinate units.

Recognition of Women Employees’ Contributions 

Chairman Prakash took the opportunity to interact with women employees of BSL during his visit, acknowledging and appreciating their invaluable contributions to the organisation. This recognition emphasises the inclusive approach taken towards the workforce and the acknowledgment of diverse talents within the steel industry.

Warm Welcome and Key Personnel 

The Chairman’s visit commenced with a warm welcome from key personnel, including Director Incharge RSP cum Additional Incharge BSL Atanu Bhowmik, and Executive Directors of BSL. This reception underscores the collaborative spirit among officials as they work towards achieving milestones in BSL’s transformative journey in steel production.

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