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School hosts eye camp for teachers and students

Bokaro: S Netralaya, in collaboration with Chinmaya Vidyalaya, organized a two-day eye camp for the students and teachers. The camp aimed to raise awareness about the importance of eye health and provide free medical check-ups to the participants.

The Inauguration of the camp was done by the Secretary, Mahesh Tripathi, and Principal, Suraj Sharma. They emphasised the significance of maintaining a balanced diet, daily exercise, and taking necessary precautions while using digital devices to prevent eye problems.

On the first day of the camp, the eyes of children from classes I, II, and III, along with more than 50 employees, were examined. The medical check-up was conducted by a team of experienced and qualified doctors from S Netralaya.

The success of the eye camp was made possible by the efforts of Ragini Mishra, Khokan Sardar, Purnima Mahato, Arpita Chand, Abhik Chakraborty, Kaveri Gorai, and Amit Kumar. Their contribution and dedication were essential in ensuring that the camp ran smoothly and provided the best possible service to the participants.

The camp’s organizers hope that such initiatives will inspire people to prioritise their eye health and take necessary measures to prevent any complications. With the increasing usage of digital devices and the sedentary lifestyle, eye problems are becoming more prevalent.

Therefore, regular eye check-ups and adopting healthy habits are crucial for maintaining good eye health.

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