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Special train from Mumbai reached Bokaro with very few workers

Bokaro: A special train from Mumbai reached Bokaro on Sunday with very few workers. Railway stated that it was just a single-trip, superfast special train run to tackle the excessive rush of passengers. Mumbai has one of the highest numbers of Covid-19 positive patients in the country.

Knowing about the arrival of special train from Mumbai, special Covid-19 testing arrangements were done at Bokaro Railway station, but the health department staff’s took a sigh of relief as only three passengers descended from the train at the station, said sources.

Leaving Lokmanya Tilak Terminus of Mumbai around midnight of Friday, the train that had 12 general compartments reached Bokaro on Sunday. The railways would run more such trains from distant cities for facilitating movement of workers willing to return home from their places of work.

“Not many workers, however, travelled to Bokaro by this special train from Mumbai. There were only about three passengers who travelled up to the destination station, Bokaro, by this train,” said a railway officer, adding others must have got down at other stoppages earlier.

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