Sports Day celebrations thrill students at Pentecostal Assembly School

The Pentecostal Assembly School recently hosted its 33rd annual Sports Day celebration, showcasing the participation and enthusiasm of students from the sixth to twelfth grades. The event emphasized the crucial role of sports in promoting not only physical but also mental development among students.

A Grand Spectacle of Dreams

The annual sports extravaganza proved to be a treasure trove of dreams for the students, connecting their skills, confidence, and determination in a spirited display of passion and enthusiasm. Despite a light drizzle, the children radiated palpable excitement, seizing the special opportunity that Sports Day brought.

Principal’s Perspective on Sports and Education

Dr Karuna Prasad, the school’s Principal, said the significance of sports in fostering discipline, restraint, and moral values. She highlighted how sports contribute to a child’s spiritual development, promoting qualities that help them face challenges with a concentrated mind and a sense of collective harmony.

Dignitaries Grace the Occasion

Former Principal District Judge Jai Prakash Narayan Pandey, the honored guest, was welcomed with a bouquet of flowers. The event was also attended by Director D.N. Prasad, Academic Officer Rita Prasad, and Administrative Officer Daniel Michael Prasad.

Marching Towards Unity and Inclusivity

Students from classes VI to VIII actively participated in the celebration, echoing a call to eliminate discrimination through collective sportsmanship. The event commenced with a torch lighting ceremony by the Chief Guest, followed by a march pass by students of classes VIII, IX, and XI, and an oath-taking ceremony led by School Captain Bhumi Kumari.

A Day Filled With Vibrancy and Skill Displays

Students showcased various drills, including aerobic, pom-pom, and hula hoop performances, capturing the audience’s attention. The Cheer Leaders Drill by girl students of classes VI to VIII earned widespread admiration, turning the event into a spectacle of excitement.

The Triumph of Faith, Hope, and Joy

The culmination of the sports day featured a series of races and competitions, with Faith House emerging as the overall winner with 1560 points. Hope House secured the second position with 1343 points, while Joy House claimed the third spot with 1331 points.

Recognition of Outstanding Achievements

Prerna Kumari of Joy House and Trishit Kunkal and Anubhav Kumar of Peace House were crowned the best players in the senior and boys sections, respectively. Principal Dr Karuna Prasad honored the winning participants, marking the successful conclusion of the event.

Acknowledging Contributions

The seamless execution of the Sports Day program was credited to Administrative Officer Sports In-charge Michael Prasad and Sports Teacher Vibha Mishra. The active participation of students, teachers, and staff in making the event a success was commended.

Sports: A Pillar of India’s Identity

The event concluded with a powerful message emphasising the diverse benefits of sports, not only in shaping individual skills but also in establishing India’s distinct identity on the global stage. The program served as a reminder of the holistic impact of sports on physical and mental well-being, echoing the sentiment that sports indeed act as a panacea for many ailments.

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