DPS Bokaro sets a new benchmark with Aero-Innovation Lab

Bokaro: In an evolving move towards holistic development DPS Bokaro, known for its innovative approaches in establishing international standards in education, inaugurated the Rakesh Sharma Aero-Innovation Lab today.


This is a first of its kind Aero lab in Jharkhand and will empower students to gain expertise in technical fields like aeronautics, aviation and space technology. The lab was inaugurated by Principal, Dr. A. S. Gangwar.

The lab pays tribute to the country’s first space travellers, Rakesh Sharma and Kalpana Chawla. This state-of-the-art lab introduces students to avant-garde advancements in aeronautics, including pollution-free 3D printing, CNC laser cutting, mechanical tools, meteorology, wind tunnels, drone technology, rocket science, satellites, Mars rovers, hydraulic excavators, transistor-based airship operations, and sensor-based aircraft control.

Practical insights into construction engineering and technologically artistic construction are also shared through interactive models.

Dr. Gangwar said, “In the evolving landscape of education, diversification is crucial. The Aero-Innovation Lab sets a new benchmark in educational innovation, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of diverse technical fields, fostering a passion for learning and exploration.”

He also highlighted the career opportunities in aviation, aeronautics and space technology where India has made significant contributions. He said that the school aims to familiarise students practically with these domains from an early age through specialised trainers.

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