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Sree Ayyappa Public School students shine in IIT-JEE Main 2023 with outstanding results

Bokaro: The students of Sree Ayyappa Public School, Bokaro, have once again achieved excellent results in the IIT-JEE Main Exam 2023. The school has produced 43 qualified students who have successfully cleared the exam. Out of these, 15 students secured at least 90 percentile, 21 students secured at least 80 percentile, and 24 students secured at least 75 percentile. This is a remarkable achievement for the school and its students.

The school toppers are Aditya Aryan and Aiman Ashna, who secured the highest percentile in the Boys and Girls Group, respectively. Aditya Aryan secured an outstanding 99.7305122 percentile, while Aiman Ashna secured 99.5722588 percentile.

The school has been providing quality education to its students and preparing them to excel in various competitive exams. The consistent hard work and dedication of the students and the school faculty have resulted in this success. The school management and staff have congratulated the students for their excellent performance and wished them success in their future endeavors.

“The achievement of Sree Ayyappa Public School in the IIT-JEE Main Exam 2023 is a proud moment for the school and its students. It also serves as an inspiration for other students who aspire to excel in competitive exams. The school has set a high standard of academic excellence and is committed to providing the best education to its students,” said S S Mahapatra, director of the school.

The list of the top 24 students of the school is also provided, which includes the name of the student, their category, and percentile secured.

List of Top 24 Students of the School

Sl. No. Roll No. Name of Student Category Percentile
01. JH01000252 Aditya Aryan General 99.7305122
02. JH01000817 Aiman Ashna General 99.5722588
03. JH01001052 Md. Kamal Hassnain OBC 98.0444865
04. JH01001153 Ashish Ranjan OBC – NCL 97.6133022
05. JH01001000 Ankit Kumar Sharma General – EWS 95.6568813
06. JH01001308 Shivam Kumar General – EWS 94.9963353
07. JH02001210 Deepanjan Dey OBC – NCL 94.4235409
08. JH01000833 Manas Kumar General – EWS 94.2063188
09. JH02006618 Anushka Soni OBC – NCL 93.0141087
10. JH01000707 Ayush Aman General 92.7342632
11. JH01000327 Sohail Khan General 92.4697390
12. JH02003062 Snehal Mishra General – EWS 90.8605239
13. JH01001082 Abhishek Prasad OBC – NCL 90.5216128
14. JH01000468 Prakash Kumar Rai General 90.3335452
15. JH01001956 Praveen Kumar OBC – NCL 90.1869711
16. JH01000242 Shivam Raj Singh General – EWS 87.7656824
17. JH02001150 Prince Kumar OBC – NCL 85.3328929
18. BR08002865 Harsh Raj Sharma OBC – NCL 83.2428802
19. JH02004021 Vivek Mahto OBC 82.1823653
20. WB01001607 Sayan Mandal SC 81.0519109
21. JH01001254 Pankaj Kumar General 80.4784980
22. JH01000439 Dhruv Karmakar SC 78.8529630
23. JH02002525 Yuvraj Sparsh Singh General 77.8843231
24. JH01000566 Nirbhay Kumar OBC – NCL 77.3523641


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