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Sree Ayyappa Public School’s 36th Foundation Day: A Celebration of Legacy and Excellence

Bokaro: Sree Ayyappa Public School celebrated its 36th Foundation Day with a grand function, showcasing the school’s achievements and vibrant community spirit. The entire school was adorned with beautiful decorations, setting a festive tone for the occasion.

Welcome and Inaugural Ceremony 

The event commenced with an impressive welcome program that saw enthusiastic participation from teachers, staff, and students. The opening ceremony included the lighting of lamps accompanied by the chanting of mantras, creating an auspicious start to the celebrations. Principal Smt. P. Shailaja Jayakumar and department heads, jointly performed the lamp-lighting ceremony. This symbolic act marked the beginning of a day filled with joy and reflection.

Cake Cutting and Special Performances

Following the inaugural rituals, the Principal, together with students and teachers, cut a celebratory cake. This act was accompanied by a special birthday song narrating the history and journey of the school. The song resonated throughout the campus, receiving applause and cheers from the audience. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and pride as the school community came together to celebrate their shared achievements.

Cultural Extravaganza

The event featured a series of cultural performances that highlighted the talents and creativity of the students. Children from classes IX and X presented beautifully crafted greeting cards to the Principal and Vice Principals, expressing their appreciation and best wishes. The cultural program included a variety of acts such as songs, dances, and dramas. Students captivated the audience with duet songs and lively western dance performances. The school’s orchestra, ‘Shriragam,’ added a melodious touch to the celebrations, enhancing the overall festive mood.

A group of teachers also took to the stage, performing the inspiring song ‘Prerna Geet,’ which energized the audience and underscored the unity and dedication of the school community. The teachers’ performance was met with widespread admiration and applause, highlighting the strong bond between students and faculty.

Honouring Academic Excellence 

The Foundation Day also served as an opportunity to honor students who had excelled academically. Notable achievers in the 10th and 12th board exams were recognised for their outstanding performance. Sumit Raj from Class 10 was honored for scoring 98%, Shreya Singh for achieving 95.60% in PCB, Amar Kumar for securing 95% in PCM, and Harsh Harodia for attaining 95.60% in Commerce. These students shared their experiences and memories, inspiring their peers with stories of hard work and determination.

Principal’s Address

In her address, Principal P. Shailaja Jayakumar expressed pride in the school’s achievements over the past 36 years. She highlighted the school’s journey since its establishment on June 27, 1988, and the significant milestones it had reached in the field of education. The Principal acknowledged the contributions of the Ayyappa Seva Sangh and the dedication of teachers and staff, emphasising their role in the school’s success. She expressed confidence in the school’s future, envisioning it as a leading institution in education.

“We proudly announce that our school is celebrating its foundation day today. This occasion is an important and great moment for us when we remember the responsibility of establishing the school and honor the hard work done by the members of our Ayyappa Seva Sangh,” she said.

Grand Meal and Closing Ceremony

The celebrations concluded with a grand meal organized for the entire school family, fostering a sense of community and togetherness. The Vice Principal delivered the vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to all who contributed to the event’s success. The function concluded with the singing of the National Anthem, marking the end of a memorable and joyous day for Sree Ayyappa Public School.


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