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Teachers from CBSE schools in Bokaro receive financial education

Bokaro: The Pentecostal Assembly School hosted a CBSE  Financial Literacy Training Session on Tuesday. The resource person for this session was CA, Siddharth Jain. He was warmly welcomed by Principal Dr.Karuna Prasad and all the attendees of this session.

The dignitaries who honoured the event with their presence were Father Regi Varghese, Principal MGM Higher Secondary School,  Mr. S.N. Mishra Principal In Charge BISSS 9E, Regi Oomen Principal Adarsh Vidya Mandir. There were 147 teachers from 6 different schools participated in this session that was organized by CBSE.

The Pentecostal Assembly School is the lead collaborator for HUB which includes MGM Higher Secondary School, DAV CCL, DAV Bhandaridah, BISS 9 E, and Adarsh Vidya Mandir Chas.

The purpose of this training session was to provide financial education to the teachers so that they can know how to save and invest during their job tenure. This knowledge will help them in setting their financial goals. Teachers were made aware of the information regarding their Term Insurance, Mutual fund, and Health Insurance also.

The resource person mainly focused on Retirement Planning. This knowledge will surely enlighten them to secure their financial future. Principal Karuna Prasad appreciated the initiative taken by CBSE to alert the teaching faculties with this awareness program. She further added that life is full of ups and downs and one should be financially prepared to face the challenges. Monetary  Security makes a person independent and this session was a great success in fulfilling its aim.

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