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Vibrant desh bhakti Song contest ignites patriotic spirit at Pentecostal Assembly School

Bokaro: The Pentecostal Assembly School was swept by a wave of patriotic enthusiasm on Friday, as it hosted an exhilarating Inter House Desh Bhakti Song Competition. With the upcoming Independence Day celebrations, the event aimed to ignite a fervent sense of national pride among the young participants, fostering unity and a deep love for the country.

The competition witnessed fervent participation from all four houses, showcasing a total of 18 talented young singers from grades 6 to 8 in each group. Their resounding voices reverberated with the essence of unity, as they passionately rendered soul-stirring patriotic melodies that encapsulated the spirit of the nation.

Dr. Karuna Prasad, the Principal of The Pentecostal Assembly School, stated, “The Inter House Desh Bhakti Song Competition transcends mere singing. It is about instilling a profound affection for our country and honoring the sacrifices made for our freedom.”

The event underscored the potency of music in nurturing patriotism and solidarity. The esteemed panel of judges faced the formidable challenge of selecting winners, as each performance authentically reflected the students’ dedication and reverence for the nation.

As the nation prepares to commemorate Independence Day in the coming week, the Inter House Desh Bhakti Song Competition serves as a poignant reminder that the flame of patriotism burns brilliantly within the hearts of the youth, ensuring the legacy of freedom endures for generations to come.

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