Ayyappa Public School: Fancy dress competition caught everyone’s attention

Bokaro: A fancy dress competition was held at Ayyappa Public School on Thursday. Children of all ages demonstrated their talents. The little ones’ parrot talk caught everyone’s attention. Many people were attracted by the arrival of small children in different types of dresses. Their acting made the atmosphere enjoyable.

Pre-Nursery students dressed up as vegetable sellers, fruit vendors, milkmen, etc. and acted as social workers; Nursery students dressed up as sanitary staff and were the center of attention. The children in prep wear clothes of religious figures, celebrities, etc. The dress of Amitabh Bachan, the Brand Ambassador of Swachh Bharat, attracted attention. Guests, teachers, and parents were captivated by the group activities of small children. All programs were conducted Online.


Students excell in SOF

As many seven students of Shree Ayyappa Public School students excelled at the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF). They performed at school level, state level, and international level. In the school on Thursday, successful contestants in SOF (NSO) were awarded medals, certificates and cash prizes.

School Management Committee Chairman Satish Nair, Director S. S. Mohapatra and Principal P. Shailaja Jayakumar, Vice-Principal Rajalakshmi congratulated and wished the children success and a bright future.

The Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) organizes workshops and academic competitions every year. The primary objective of this institution is to promote the all-round development of the children. It also aims to develop children’s knowledge, skills, and competencies. Every year, SOF organizes competitions in different parts of India and lakhs of students participate.

The winners named class wise below:-

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