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BJP’s Dhulu Mahto Electrifying Win: Congress’s Anupama Singh’s performance compared to Kirti Azad in 2019 Elections shows little impact

Baghmara MLA Dhulu Mahto has clinched victory in the Dhanbad MP seat with a significant mandate, garnering a total of 3,31,583 votes. This triumph marks a significant milestone in his political career. However, his opponent, Anupama Singh of the Congress party, secured 4,57,589 votes, resulting in a total of 7,89,172 votes for Dhulu Mahto. Examining the Electoral Landscape 

Despite initial perceptions of Dhanbad being a sensitive seat, the election outcome did not witness substantial shifts. The margin between victory and defeat was notably wide. In the preceding 2019 elections, Kirti Azad represented Congress in Dhanbad, facing off against Pashupatinath Singh of the BJP. P N Singh emerged victorious with a considerable margin of 4,84,000 votes. Comparatively, Anupama Singh’s vote count surpassed Kirti Azad’s by a margin of approximately 1,16,000 votes.

Analysis of Election Results 

The aftermath of the election has triggered a review of the electoral process. Critics are engaged in meticulous analysis, scrutinising various factors that influenced the outcome. Moreover, Kirti Azad’s substantial vote count of 3,41,000 votes, despite being labeled a “parachute candidate,” adds another layer to the electoral narrative.

Anupama Singh’s Campaign Strategy

The pivotal question arising from the 2024 elections revolves around Anupama Singh’s campaign management. Did she falter in her election strategy, or did the assurances made to her fail to translate into votes? These inquiries delve into the intricacies of campaign dynamics and the efficacy of electoral promises.

Contemplating Election Management

Several concerns have been raised regarding the management of the elections. Allegations of widespread influence from external constituencies, particularly Bermo, have surfaced, amplifying the discourse surrounding election integrity. The dominant lead enjoyed by the BJP across all assembly seats within the Dhanbad Lok Sabha constituency further fuels speculation surrounding election management practices.

Post-Election Reflections

Post-election introspection is underway for both the BJP and the Congress party. While the BJP reflects on why the victory margin was not more substantial, the Congress party grapples with the challenge of increasing their vote share beyond the benchmark set by Kirti Azad. These reflections underscore the competitive nature of electoral politics and the imperative of strategic recalibration.

Analysing Assembly Constituency Dynamics

A closer examination of the six assembly constituencies within the Dhanbad Lok Sabha constituency reveals intriguing insights. Dhulu Mahto’s performance varied across constituencies, with notable support garnered from Bokaro, Chandankyari, Sindri, Nirsa, and Dhanbad Assembly. In contrast, Anupama Singh trailed behind in all assembly constituencies, signaling challenges in her electoral outreach.

Election Results:

  1. Anupama Singh – Indian National Congress: 457,589 votes
  2. Dhulu Mahto – Bharatiya Janata Party: 789,172 votes
  3. Mohan Singh – Bahujan Samaj Party: 5,639 votes
  4. Akbar Ali – All India Parivar Party: 3,041 votes
  5. Krishna Chandra Singh Raj – Samata Party: 2,821 votes
  6. Deepak Kumar Das – People’s Party of India (Democratic): 1,735 votes
  7. Parvez Nayyar – Azad Samaj Party (Kanshi Ram): 1,161 votes
  8. Rajiv Tiwari – Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist): 1,890 votes
  9. Rezaul Haque – Lokhit Adhikar Party: 2,649 votes
  10. Sanjay Kumar Giri – All India Hindu Mahasabha: 1,627 votes
  11. Anindita Das – Independent: 2,674 votes
  12. Md. Ikhlaq Ansari – Independent: 79,653 votes
  13. Umesh Paswan – Independent: 2,560 votes
  14. Kameshwar Prasad Verma – Independent: 4,004 votes
  15. Jagdish Rawani – Independent: 27,634 votes
  16. Janak Shah Gond – Independent: 12,762 votes
  17. Md. Zaheeruddin Khan – Independent: 6,502 votes
  18. Tulsi Mahato – Independent: 5,376 votes
  19. Tridev Kumar Mahato – Independent: 1,144 votes
  20. Nitai Dutta – Independent: 1,742 votes
  21. Prem Prakash Paswan – Independent: 533 votes
  22. Md. Tafazul Hussain – Independent: 682 votes
  23. Md. Faisal Khan – Independent: 1,996 votes
  24. Lakshmi Devi – Independent: 2,605 votes
  25. Sunaina Kinnar – Independent: 3,462 votes
  26. NOTA – None of the Above: 7,354 votes

Total Votes Counted: 1,428,400


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