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Daily Wage Laborer’s Son, Deepak Bauri, triumphs over adversity to become Bokaro’s topper

Bokaro: Deepak Bauri, a student from Ramrudra Plus Two High School in Chas, achieved an outstanding score of 461 marks in the science stream of the JAC Class 12 board examination.

His impressive scores included 90 marks in English, 97 in Physics, 85 in Chemistry, 98 in Mathematics, and 91 in Higher Elective Language (HEL). This achievement made him the district topper in Bokaro, with an overall percentage of 92.2% in the JAC Intermediate Science stream.

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Deepak’s journey to success has not been without its challenges. His father, Bhagirath Bauri, works as a daily wage laborer, while his mother, Champa Devi, is a fourth grade staff in a private school. Despite limited financial resources, Deepak has been driven by a strong desire to serve his country as an mechanical engineer. This goal has kept him focused and motivated in his studies.

Deepak dedicates six to seven hours daily to his studies and has received invaluable support from his school’s principal, Dr. Santosh Kumar, and teachers such as Uma Shankar Vishwakarma and Dr. Nirupama Kumari. His parents and teachers have provided the encouragement and guidance necessary for Deepak to excel and prepare for the upcoming JEE Advanced exam.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Deepak enjoys cricket and painting, finding time to indulge in these hobbies outside of his studies. He attributes his success to the support of his parents and teachers, as well as his disciplined study habits.

When discussing his preparation for the 12th-grade exams, Deepak stated the importance of a structured approach. He would study for six hours daily, dividing his time between morning and post-school sessions. Deepak advised students preparing for board exams to practice with old question papers and questions from NCERT books in the three months leading up to the exams for better marks.


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