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SAIL: Pay revision still lingers due to NJCS, top management agrees for township development, TA-DA revision

Bokaro: The top management of Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) held a meeting with Steel Executives Federation of India (SEFI) at New Delhi on Thursday. During the meeting, a number of sensitive issues were discussed, including pay revisions, promotion policies, casual leave, leasing of quarters, etc. Most of the issues were addressed positively by SAIL management.

SEFI represents around 11,000 executives working in Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) and its subsidiary units. The meeting was attended also by representatives of Officers Association of Steel Executives Association of Rourkela Steel Plant, Durgapur Steel Plant, IISCO, Bokaro Steel Plant, Bhilai Steel Plant and others. Chairman of SAIL, Soma Mondal along with directors was present in the meeting.

President of Bokaro Steel Officers Association (BSOA) and council member of SEFI, A K Singh, who was present in the meeting, said “politics of union leaders have crushed the sentiments of the employees. Management of SAIL has already proposed handsome package to the workmen, even though the election of unions and ego of leaders is delaying the process of revision. Coal price are increasing, market may not be favorable for long time in that case the Pay Revision may be withheld. Every one has to understand this”.

He added, workers of the company should come forward to meet with the NJCS leaders and ask them to settle the revision in one go, every one is loosing huge money on account pay revision and with other benefits.

Below are the details of discussion held in SAIL-SEFI meeting today

Pay Revision- The Pay Revision issue was discussed including its various components like NPA, Corresponding Scales, night shift allowances etc. Pay Revision will be finalized after NJCS as per DPE Guidelines.

Review of Promotion Policy- We have suggested to abolish fast track promotion policy, proposed to bring down Credit Points  to 110  in place of 120 points for E-2 to E-3 and E-4 to E-5. Revision in interview marks from existing 15 marks to 10 marks. Experience weightage should be of 15 Marks instead of 10. All these will be examined and accordingly decision will be taken.

Revision of TA &DA- Agreed. Revision of TA & DA will be referred to NRC for its implementation.

Enhancement of Mobile re-imbursement- This will be done after Pay Revision, it may take some more time.

Sanction of Casual Leave- The sanction of 10 Nos of CL in one spell will be examined and may be considered.

Loans (House Building, Car & Personal Loan)- The Management of SAIL will negotiate with Banks to arrange loans at lowest interest rates. This will be done.

Enhancement of Tie-up Hospitals- A composite study is being done to include the various hospitals along with revision of Rates of various tests etc. for re-imbursement of medical expenses. The rates were not revised since 1992. It’s very old.

Provision of Quarters to the employees of Collieries and mines- The employees will get the quarter at Plant Location. Education to school level and medical ground of family members.

Maintenance of quarters and upliftment of Township- Sufficient fund has been provided from Corporate office for the revamping of quarters and township.  Now it’s turn of the units to take lead to plan and get the work done at the earliest.

Pay Disparity of JO 2008 & 2010 Batch- This has been discussed at length and the decisions will be taken after submission of the committee report.

PRP Payment- Due to non-availability of Rating, the balance PRP Payment for the Year 2019-20 will not be done, however the adhoc payment for PRP for the year 2020-21 will be made around Dussehra or Deepawali.

Leasing of Quarters- Strongly regretted.

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4 thoughts on “SAIL: Pay revision still lingers due to NJCS, top management agrees for township development, TA-DA revision
  1. Good sense should prevail on union leaders and they should agree to the good package given by SAIL management immediately,otherwise things will be out of control affecting SAIL performance. Union leaders should think of eating eggs only without eating hens to prevent permanent damage to a navaratna company like SAIL.Company will have to keep its financial performance intact for a long term to achieve its objectives for serving the society.

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