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SAIL: Change in nomenclature of designation rejoice medical executives

Bokaro: Steel Authourity of India Limited (SAIL) on Thursday issued the change in nomenclature of designation of medical executives working in its hospitals. The changes of designation have been made from E – 1 to E – 9 grades.

With it the director I/C (of E-9 grade), who heads the SAIL hospital’s, will now onward be called as executive directors (Medical & Health and Services). It has brought a reason to rejoice to the doctors working in hospitals of Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL), Bhilai Steel Plant (BSL), Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP), Durgapur Steel Plant (DSP) and other plants of the SAIL. The management on November, 19 has considered the long pending demand of nomenclature of designation of the medical executives.

Doctors wearing PPE kits to administer treatment to patients in Bokaro General Hospital.

The SAIL’s order in this regard has been sent to functional directors, CEO’s, head of all Plants and units of SAIL. The orders read the following changes in the nomenclature of Designation of Medical Officers of SAIL. E – 8 Director will now be designated as Chief Medical Officer (CMO). E – 7 the existing Joint director is being designated as Additional Chief Medical Officer (ACMO). Similarly, E – 6 grade senior deputy director is now being called as Deputy Chief Medical Officer (DCMO). E – 5 grade Assistant Director / senior consultant has been designated as Assistant Chief Medical Officer/ Chief Consultant.

Executive director (Medical & Health and Services) of Bokaro General Hospital, A K Singh with his team.

E – 4 grade DMO / Consultant are now Senior DMO / Senior Consultant. E – 3 grade ADMO / Specialist are designated to DMO / Consultant. E – 2 grade senior Medical Officer remain the same senior Medical Officer and E – 1 grade Medical Officer will be called as Medical Officer. SAIL orders stated that the aforesaid changes in the designation will be restricted only to the nomenclature of designations to the extent shown above. The pay, perks, allowances, benefits, entitlements, financial authority, etc  will continue to remain the same as linked to such Medical Executives’ grade as existing prior to effecting the aforesaid change in nomenclature of designation.

Doctors in Bokaro General Hospital (BGH) giving advice to a cured Covid patient.

Bokaro Steel Officer Association (BSOA), president, A K Singh said it was a long pending issue which got fulfilled today. Re-designation of officers in SAIL has already been considered long back. After several persuasions, the management agreed and accordingly all necessary formalities have been done and order issued. It will certainly motivate the doctor’s fraternity of the SAIL. The company has admired our Covid warriors in this way. In addition to this we seriously work on third pay revision and leave encashment. Hopefully demands will be fulfilled soon. NJCS negotiation is also on. There is resentment on certain issues on pay revision, added Singh.

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