The Pentecostal Assembly School: A beacon of excellence in academic achievements

Bokaro: The pursuit of excellence is deeply ingrained in the ethos of every student at The Pentecostal Assembly School (PAS). Guided by the dedicated leadership of Principal Karuna Prasad and Administrative Officer Daniel Michael Prasad, the students have demonstrated remarkable performance in all the SOF Olympiads conducted during the 2022-23 academic session.

The SOF Olympiads are designed to foster analytical skills, general knowledge, problem-solving abilities, vocabulary, and logical reasoning among school children. PAS not only nurtures the personalities of its students but also provides them with the opportunity to participate in these enriching competitions, which contribute to their brain and mind development and foster a healthy competitive spirit.

The outstanding saga of brilliance is exemplified by the remarkable fact that approximately 1700 students appeared for each of these tests, resulting in the awarding of around 588 medals to deserving achievers.

In the International English Olympiad (IEO), the competent students of the institution achieved phenomenal results, with 125 students receiving medals. It is noteworthy that 27 students from the institution ranked among the top 100 internationally, and 22 students were honored with the prestigious Gold Medal of Distinction. Shambhavi Sharma (XI E), Divya Arya (VII A), Rakshanda Kaushik (XIC), and Naomi Adele Prasad (VI A) brought great pride to the school with their exceptional achievements.

Furthermore, a total of 143 medals were distributed among the winners of the National Science Olympiad (NSO). Gold medals of excellence were awarded to 134 students, and 9 students received the Medal of Distinction. Satyam Chauhan (Grade IX) and Somesh Kumar Singh (Grade VI) secured second positions in the Zonal Rankings.

The Mathematics wizards of The Pentecostal Assembly School showcased their exceptional abilities in the International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO), with 9 students receiving the Medal of Distinction and 125 students being awarded the Gold Medal of Excellence.

In the International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO), the students achieved remarkable results, with one student from Grade VI securing a Zonal Gold Medal. Additionally, 18 of our meritorious students ranked among the top 25 at the state level and were honored with Gold Medals, while 124 students received the Medal of Distinction.

Furthermore, 33 technically proficient students were recognized with medals for their exceptional performances in the National Cyber Olympiad (NCO).

The students of PAS also excelled in the International Social Studies Olympiad (ISSO), with 7 brilliant students ranking among the top 10 internationally. Additionally, 15 students achieved Top 25 Regional Rank, and 16 of our students were among the Top 25 Zonal Ranks.

At The Pentecostal Assembly School, each student is nurtured like a precious pearl in the sea, helping them develop into fabulous individuals who embody the values and philosophy of the school.

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